The power-brokers in the UK could easily have forestalled Brexit.

In fact, the power-brokers in the UK, or at least a majority of them, covertly agreed to impose Brexit on the UK.  It is complete mythology that Brexit was conceived and executed as a populist movement!  To think that in a country, where people are given jail time for a desultory social media post, it would be possible to execute such a popular movement with relative ease only demonstrates painful naivete.

The same power-mongers, who sell weapons to despots with alacrity and broker mercenaries and intelligence to tyrannies, possess the necessary decisiveness, cunning, and cynicism to have easily crushed the Brexit movement, as they have so many other popular movements.

British intelligence and security agencies have routinely undermined and sabotaged nascent populists movements with relative ease:  labor movements that threatened the banking establishment, anti-nuclear protests, and, of course, inciting and even committing actual terrorism in Northern Ireland herself, against BOTH SIDES.

Why, then, didn’t the “real power” in the UK stop Brexit?

It is because Brexit was an expansion of power, and the power-mongers would never interfere with that!

Brits Thrust an Irish Needle into the Eagle’s Claw


The British “real power” conducted the Brexit enterprise because they saw an opportunity to use an Irish needle in the Continental powers’ grasping claw, in Ireland.

Brexit gives Northern Ireland a border with an EU state, the Republic of Ireland. The Northern Irish-Irish border has been out of the news for a while and became rather quiet.  Many assume there is peace, there, when in fact, there is not — at all.

On a whim, the UK security and intelligence agencies can incite violence and force this border shut.  This gives London the initiative against the EU to, at any moment, forestall or blackmail the Euro-bloc in the EU with separatist agitation, including provoking and covertly supporting the Irish into forming a Euro-wide separatist, anti-Euro bloc within the EU in alignment with other “nationalist” blocs and states (mainly Eastern & Southern Europe).

How much violence and agitation occurs in Belfast and in Ireland is simply a question of how much London needs to punish Brussels before the EU comes to terms.

London:  the New Pole of the EU

By using the Irish conflict as the basis for her new anti-Euro bloc, London can quietly become the “shadow-capital” of the nationalist and anti-Euro bloc within in the EU.  It is under this basis that we should interpret the supposed “Brexit fiasco”, which in hindsight, might prove an entirely Imperial flanking move against the Continental Powers.


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