Westminster has it in for Ireland.

Ireland, a Fiefdom of the UK: Sugarman Episode

Ireland never truly won her freedom.

This was demonstrated just yesterday, when Jonathan Sugarman, at the behest of the Germans, went to the European Parliament to speak out against the repression he faced when confronting Irish authorities about the looming financial crisis.

Germans: Bracing for Bloodshed

The Germans know full well that the UK controls Ireland:  the UK can, with a few economic and policy screws, cause economic mayhem within Ireland.

In addition to her economic control over Ireland, the UK has agents, saboteurs, and death-squads already in place, ready to orchestrate any and all atrocities or “casus-belli” for whichever narrative Westminster seeks to sell the world.

Bringing Out Sugarman:  Steinmeir Knows London’s Dirty Tricks

In bringing Sugarman out to testify in front the European parliament, Steinmeir sends a clear signal to the British that he is willing to drag the British into the public eye and fight their conspiracy for control of the EU.

Unfortunately, there is no compromise in this war, and the Celts and Normans have been in blood-feud for centuries:  German diplomatic machinations will not stop this beast from consuming its host.

Will-to-Power:  UKIP and the Fate of Europe

Germany will test London’s resolve in Ireland and, assuming no deal is made with the UK, continue to slowly reveal the truth about what happened in the Irish banking crisis and the English hand behind the deliberate sabotage of Ireland’s economy.

In retaliation, London will finance, orchestrate, and coordiante with her full might the anti-Euro bloc against the Germans and those who seek to expose the English conspiracy against Ireland.

Short-Term:  Ireland Enters “Troubles” Again… Perhaps Worse?

Irishmen will be dragged into a conflict, whether they like it or not.  They are not sovereign, and it is only a question of the will in Westminster to what extent the UK is willing to incite and provoke another civil conflict in Ireland.

Conclusion:  Massively Short Ireland

Ireland faces an imminent all-out political and economic assault by the UK as the battleground between control of the EU between the UK and German blocs.  There is little reason to expect either side to consider capitulation or compromise, since both remain convinced they can prevail in the end.

Incrementally, piece-by-piece, British intelligence and secret services will animate a narrative that will bring chaos and misery to the Irish and drag the European Union into her backyard, where the UK believes she can bring Norman Imperial discipline to the sprawling Continental Unionists.




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