There is a New Western Triumvirate, post-Brexit, and it is:

  • US
  • UK & the anti-Euro bloc
  • Berlin & the pro-Euro bloc


Trump today publicly abdicated responsibility for the Libyan situation.

This comes as a surprise to no-one, since the Italians have been fighting a covert war in Libya for the past few years.

French forces also fight alongside the Italians in Libya.  Egyptians and GCC forces support non-critical roles, as they’re about as trust-worthy as far as you can toss them.

The Irish Front:  The War Between Berlin & UK

The Irish Rebellion will proceed as scheduled.  This one will be worse, in terms of global impact, than the Irish civil war of the early 1920’s.  It should kick off before the end of May of this year.

A bloody civil war in Ireland can, Westminster believes, break Berlin and bring the entire EU under London’s “anti-euro” bloc.

Unfortuantely, when everything is at stake, and two strong adversaries meet, they often find no reason to not fight to the end.

Russia:  Absence Breeds Fondness


Russia, depending on the Season of her wars and the dimension of the interest at hand, flits from one member of the Western Triumvirate to another.

The anti-Euro bloc in London is keen to trap Moscow under her influence in Europe and use Russia to bludgeon Berlin.  For a while, up until late 2016, it seemed London had reduced Russia to an anti-Euro bloc Frankenstein.

Moscow remains vigilant to this risk, and ever since the assassination of her ambassador in Turkey and the murder of her choir over the Black Sea, Russia managed to pivot to a far more balanced European policy, collaborating especially with the Germans to help re-elect Merkel and actively curb terrorism within the pro-EU bloc.

Viktor Orban:  Nigel Farage’s Batman

Viktor Orban did a brief stint at Oxford, time enough for him to become fully indoctrinated and committed to the British Imperial Team.

Hungary has a population just slightly above that of London, but despite her small size, Orban charasmatically leads a boisterous anti-Euro bloc.

Orban bows and scrapes deferentially to his Lord, Nigel Farage.

Nigel the Hermit, Preaching the Brexit Crusade & Liberation of Ireland

Nigel was chosen from deep within the British Imperial Establishment to lead the public face of the Brexit movement.

Nigel is a shameless opportunist and typical politician, but he is also a patriot and sincerely loves his Empire.

He sees it as his Holy Duty to reduce Ireland to a mere chiefdom under Westminster, as she has been for centuries.

That he tortures the Jerries in the process… only galvanizes his will.



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