New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco were all hacked, today, by the North Koreans.

This information is being surpressed, for now, by the MSM, to avoid forcing the US’ hand.

If the media decides to attribute the hack to North Korea, it will only do so if the Trump Administration decides to strike North Korea.


North Korea knows she can’t fire the first-shot in a winnable war against the US:  she must provoke or inveigle the Americans into attacking, first.

China:  Betraying Ancestors is Bad Luck

North Korea is a hyper-Confucian society.

China is the land of Confucious.

In Confucian societies, you must maintain “the mandate of Heaven”, otherwise, you fall out of power(and it’s never pretty).

If China were to side against North Korea in a shooting war, on the side of the Yanks, it could be seen as spurning filial piety, leading to “bad luck” from the Chinese ancestors who fought alongside the North Koreans.

Losing the ancestors’ blessing could be seen by the Chinese elite as sufficient to risk losing the “mandate from Heaven” and ending up in front of a firing squad or some oubliette.

The Chinese folk support North Korea, instinctively, in any shooting-war with the US.

Chinese Can Only Act for so Long

The Chinese elite cynically use the Korean Question to confuse and trap the Americans, but, again, when the shooting starts, the Racial and Spiritual connection between North Korea and China will compel China to, ultimately, defend North Korea against an American onslaught.

North Korea knows this, and so do the Chinese Hawks.

Both eagerly want to break the US’ will on the Iron Peninsula… and they can.

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