The Continental European powers (Germany, France, and Italy) have officially but quietly ended their supposed “population-replacement” policy of unrestrained immigration from restive parts of the world.

What People Were Sold:  Economic & Humanitarian BS

The population replacement agenda, touted by the UN and other globalist shills, entailed using economic arguments to sell a mass-waves of uncouth migrants entering civilized European cities.

What Really Happened:  Draining the ISIS Swamp in the Arab World

North Africa and the near-East simply had no chance of surviving, in any form, without exporting their surplus men.

Europe felt she had two bad options:

  • Admit hordes of future-ISIS men
  • Risk getting dragged into a fatal war with a neo-Caliphate

The analysts made a decision, in Europe, that it was better to draw future ISIS fighters into the EU and do their best to geld them, there, rather than have to mobilize a military and invade Muslim lands and fight ISIS on its own turf.

Operation:  Hot Pita

  • Admit male Muslim “pre-ISIS candidates” into EU
  • While they’re out of their home countries, coordinate massive anti-ISIS campaign
  • Break ISIS’ domestic appeal in border/allied nations of the ISIS campaign
  • Once ISIS sufficiently enervated, repatriate incorrigible, surplus, or otherwise high-risk migrants back to their respective homelands
  • Get pay-off

Payoff:  Save the Arab States, Get the Banking Fees

By taking the burden off the leaders of the Arab Muslim world, the elite of Europe would get a fat pay-off:

  • ARAMCO IPO fees and allocations
  • Weapons Contracts
  • Sundry Fat Contracts for government services

Game Over:  Liberal Humanitarinism Officially Out of Fashion

The Continental media is already turning on the liberal charities that conducted the migrants into Europe.

More and more horror stories, which will indict not only the migrants but those who advocate their arrival, will manifest, culminating in a political purge of pro-migrant politicans, charities, and their donors, and culminating in the mass-deportation of migrants back to freshly-repaired tyrannies, ready to brutally receive and repress them.

Erdogan:  The Biggest Loser of the Drained Swamp

The big loser in this game is Erdogan, who thought he could scam both the West and Arabs with his hordes of refugees and trouble-making.

Erdogan acted in bad faith, trying to blackmail everyone: Russia, the West, the Arabs, the Kurds, and even the Iranians.

With the end of the Europe’s ISIS Swamp Draining, Erdogan realized he could no longer play Sultan.  He would now have to rule with just his own fiat and reduced to another regional, impotent tyrant.


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