Pope Francis plans to visit Egypt to help reconcile Egypt’s Christian and Moslem populations and further support General Sisi’s regime.

Egypt:  Civil War Always a Risk (and opportunity)

Egyptian Credit is and remains one of our main investment theses.

As mentioned before on our blog, we maintain that the West views Egyptian stability as a strategic priority in the Global Order: in a world where a global ISIS phenomenon persists, it is strategically and economically intolerable to have a nation of 80 million Arab souls fall into chaos and imperil not only Southern Europe but also global supply chains with the possible loss of the Suez Canal to adversarial control.

Kitchen-Sink… and Then Some

That the West sent the Pope on an Investor Relations trip to Egypt reminds General Sisi’s adversaries that he literally has the entire West on his side:  this endorsement of Sisi’s Girondist regime by Pope Francis is hoped to make the domestic political impact that, yes, Egyptian people, the world is watching you and cares, and so play nicely, because if you don’t, we will make sure to exclude you from leading the next evolution.

Actionable Catalyst?

No, the Pope overtly supporting Sisi’s Girondist regime changes nothing in our view: General Sisi’s Egypt remains a strategic partner of the West that will be supported, as long as he remains obediant to his Western backers, with every resource at the West’s disposal.


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