Trump’s administration is a mere repeat of George Bush Jr’s disasterous presidency, except:

  • Economy fundamentally weaker(assuming you’re not Mars-bound)
  • People far angrier
  • Divided & paranoid populace
  • Trump base feels (and was) betrayed

NeoCons:  Short-Sell the Future for Power Today…

The NeoCons were saavy enough to sabotage Bannon and turn Trump into another Bush presidency:  they also understand that in a normal election, say the upcoming mid-term election, the GOP will absolutely hemorrhage seats in Congress, and the NeoCons will forever lose the chance to have another shot at power.

However, they have a plan…

Stay in Power With a War

The NeoCons love war and dream of the conceit of an “American Empire”, with a steady supply of servile denizens ready to suffer and sacrifice for vain battles abroad.

The NeoCon elite have no problem destroying the American economy (outside of their own assets, of course) and sacrificing American lives — so long as they and their clique dominate the US.

We are hostage to egomanical warmongers, who have so little sway outside their own circles, that only perpetual war and terror can help them stay in power.

North Korea, Syria — Does Not Matter

The object of the war is irrelevant:  the NeoCons want a good story that will stick and keep the people either too scared or too uncertain to oppose them.

It won’t work, and it will end in disaster for both the NeoCons and the American people, but, unfortunately, History will show us little pity.

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