As mentioned in a previous article, Trump’s “Tax Reform” requires a Carbon Tax to be economically and politically viable.

However, there is a big problem getting this Carbon Tax:  time!

Compromise, or else Blue States Tax Their Carbon, First

If Trump does not deliever a comprehensively bi-partisan tax reform bill, the Right will forever lose the opportunity to tax carbon at a Federal level:  Blue States will take the initiative and tax their own carbon emissions at a regional level, forever reducing any subsequent Federal carbon tax to a marginal source of revenue compared to what it could have been were there only a Federal carbon tax.

The Democrats Are in Control

Democrats control the governments in which state-wide carbon taxes would be implemented, and so Trump must capitulate to their terms in order to not squander the Right’s last chance to effectively tax carbon at a federal level and forestall much higher taxation in the near future.

Blame France

The Democrats will help Trump out of his Climate-denier box by blaming France and the UN for “forcing” him to “reluctantly” tax carbon.


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