Trump, the NeoCon/Oligarch Slime Merchant, came out with it, today:

We’re not getting a Federal “Carbon Tax”:  instead, we’re getting a hike in the Federal gas tax.

This satisfies the Democrats, since it directly hurts Trump supporters, is pro-ecology, and supports the economic viability of electric cars in an era of low oil prices.

This satisfies the GOP oligarchs, because it means using a regressive rather than progressive tax to satisfy the deficit.  The GOP oligarchs do not care at all about those who voted for Trump:  in fact, they are actively short-selling them as fast as they can.

Regional Carbon Markets — Still a GO

Using a Federal Gas Tax to solve the deficit gives a much more politically practical austerity/regressive tax platform than an outright carbon-tax at the Federal Level.

This means that the States and Blue State Regions will then be free to develop their own inter-state Carbon Tax regime, making “climate change” an inter-state/regional issue rather than a Federal one.



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