In the next few days, Colombia will announce its plan to intervene in the Venezuelan civil war.

This will take a crisis that is at a “6 out of 10” to an ’11’.

Trump Dropping Human Rights so He Can Arm Deathsquads

“Trump”(he’s not the actual President, just a puppet) suspended the Human Rights requirement for military aid.

20% of Colombia’s military aid is tied to strict Human Rights compliance.

With the Venezuela crisis exploding, the “Trump” administration sees an opportunity for profit and mayhem.

Venezuelan Exiles in Colombia — Preparing to Return

The invading forces into Venezuela will be orchastrated and led by the erstwhile Venezuelan elite and their lieutenants.

Many of the exiled Venezuelan elite made fortunes in the resource industry in Colombia, and they will be keen to conquer and control the world-class Venezuelan mineral and oil resources.

Goal:  Create a New NeoCon Latin American Fiefdom

Within DC itself, the NeoCons see an opportunity to create another servile resource-exporting fiefdom, wholly dependent on US protection and eager to satisfy the NeoCon elite whims with windfall no-bid contracts and plunder.

Do not underestimate the potential, here, to add another international pole dependent on the US military and pouring cash into the pockets of deep-state insiders.  It is worth, to them, all the blood of Venezuela and Colombia combined.

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