Since Comey was fired, there was a panic within China’s elite.

We will explore why.

Kissinger, the Lion-Tamer of China

Kissinger’s faction has regained primacy in the Trump administration.

This coincided with Trump’s firing of the erstwhile FBI Director, James Comey.

Third Government in 3 Months

Over the past three months, the Trump administration has changed control three times:  first, it was under the Mercer/Bannon/Kissinger/UKIP umbrella, then, as expected, this coalition collapsed, and the NeoCons and GOP restored control.

Now, Kissinger has returned, and he has done so sans Bannon and without Mercer barking orders at Trump.  It looks like Kissinger won… for now.

Foreign Policy Implications:  Watch China

Kissinger’s restoration has huge foreign policy implications:  namely, it could reverse many recently-announced deployments or intended operations.

Aside from the overplayed Russian associations and implications, the biggest change is with China:  since Comey’s firing, huge panic has emerged within China’s elite:  many now seek to expatriate their wealth and even themselves.

The panic has justification in the Kissinger policy that would use Russian and Indian pressure against China’s territorial ambitions.   This is further complicated by the North Korean situation, which the NeoCons provoked, but actually now gives Russia more leverage against China than she had before.

NeoCons Have Reciprocal Relationship With Globalists: Both Are Scared, Now

Globalists depend on NeoCons to open-up markets for their monopolies, and NeoCons depend on Globalists for their financing.

China was the Great Score for the NeoCon-Globalist alliance:  Silicon Valley and Hollywood, specifically, were both very keen and eager to extract another generation of wealth from the Chinese.

Expect all-out war from the Globalist and NeoCon factions against the Trump administration, now, since they stand to lose (again) permanent political power and trillions of wealth.



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