We’ve been keeping a close eye on Brexit, and we just noticed something maleovolent crawl out of the depths of MI-5’s psychological-warfare arsenal:

The “Scottish Dawn” Scottish Nationalist group.

Why You Should Care About a Bunch of Drunk Jocks

The last time there was a competent Scottish nationalist movement, it was lead by Robert the Bruce in the late 13th to the early 14th century.  The Bruce’s invasion proved brutal and bloody, but no, he did not invade England:  instead, he chose the choice cut of Ireland, starting his campaign in the North of Ireland (Belfast region) and working his way down.

Scottish Dawn:  A Carefully-Designed Neo-Pagan Movement

If one pays close attention to the Scottish Dawn symbols, they are clearly pagan.  Now, like it or not, MI-5 and their psychological warfare experts understand very well the power of these pagan symbols: they invoke a brutal yet virile Scottish atavism, which excites and motivates the youth and much of disgruntled society.

Neo-pagan Scottish nationalism has no time for mercy nor Christian charity:  in fact, the Druids are always keen to sacrifice captives to propitiate the gods or divine the future…

MI-5 Spreading Neo-Pagan Consciousness Amongst Disgruntled

In the very near future, the UK will engineer a crash of their currency, the Pound, and probably take the GBP/USD ratio to nearly 1 in order to absolutely shatter Ireland’s economy (we will discuss this trade in a later post, but do mind that it is on our radar).

When this GBP/USD crash occurs, Irishmen will hanker for blood, but in order for the UK to defeat the Germans, MI-5 needs Irishmen to go a certain way:  how about preparing a template?

Scottish Dawn:  Laying the Seeds of Destruction

Scottish Dawn is not meant to achieve anything meaningful in Scotland herself:  Scottish Dawn is a media campaign posing as a political movement, meant to inspire and motivate soon-to-be-outraged and terrified Irishmen into Celtic nationalism and hyper-violence.

Objective:  Defeat Germany AT ANY COST

Remember:  the objective is to drag the Germans into the Celtic torture-chamber known as Ireland, and there, break their will.

The Germans fancy themselves as or even more willful and brutal than the Brits.

This means it goes to a war.

Can the EU Stop Raving Celts?

With Celtic hordes raving and taking over Ireland, the EU will prove her impotence and sue for peace with the UK, fearful that MI-6 may export her sorcery to Eastern Europe and induce another episode of neo-pagan fueled separatism.

That’s the plan, at least.  You know what Rommel said about plans, right?

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