NeoCon internet saboteurs struck this week, hacking global IT infrastructure using the sundry and many gaps that persist in the Microsoft operating system.

Why NeoCons?  

The answer to the question isn’t why: it is WHY NOW?

Why NOW, right after a major palace coup in which the NeoCons and Globalists suffer ignominious defear, do we suffer a global hacking incident, affecting everyone?

What was the purpose of this global hacking incident?

It is simple.

The purpose of the global hacking attack was to poison Trump’s leverage and vitiate his guarantees of security in order to undermine the Kissinger foreign policy vector of his “new”, post Neo-Con administration.

NeoCon & Globalist Cabal:  Terrorizing the Web to Sabotage Kissinger

We are in a very, very dangerous situation, because the players at the top are willing to invoke widespread terror and harm in order to weaken Kissinger’s position in the Trump administration.

The Globalists & NeoCons fired a shot across the bow, and it remains to be seen if the Kissinger Faction has enough potency to forestall another global undermining of Trump’s authority, or if Trump himself will capitulate and revert to NeoCon submission.

This hack was nothing, and it will escalate.

Outcome:  Overt Western Elite Civil War 

It will become apparent, in the near future, that the two main diverging Western elites(pro/anti-globalist) are at war with each other, and the entire “Russian Hacking” ruse will finally be buried.

When the markets finally figure out that the Big Boys are trying to burn each other’s plantations and even slaughter their peasants (not quite there, yet), it remains doubtful that valuations and flows would maintain as they do, now.

Trade:  Short NASDAQ(again)

Internet-connected technology is easy and vulnerable to all sorts of hacking attacks, and the war has only just begun.  While some “security players” will make windfall profits in the coming hacking wars between our elite factions, for the most part, the hacking will begin to undermine confidence and enthusiasm for web-based infrastructure and services.

Since markets are first and foremost a fashion show, this just adds another negative catalyst to the NASDAQ, which we already addressed in our prior post on the moribund IBM and the famine internet capital ecology, now that Amazon Ate All the Prey.


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