This is it.

What we have warned about has come to fruition.

This is the FINAL WARNING from the anti-Globalist Faction which spans the worlds elite amongst intelligence agencies, industries, media, arts, and academia.

Murum Aries Attigit:  Final Warning

Murum Aries Attigit means, “The Ram Has Touched the Wall.”  The understanding of this phrase, articulated during Caesar’s Gaul campaign, entails the Roman army only allowing a city’s surrender only before their battering rams touched the wall:  once they had done so, the city was sacked, raped, and pillaged.


As we wrote earlier, after the 3rd Trump coup in so many months, we suffered the Global Hack as a way to intimidate the latest Trump administration into submission by terrorizing our global allies.

The Seth Rich story, just promulgated today, reveals that the war has escalated to an entirely existential level:  this could take down entire institutions and governing structures, let alone the damn stock market.

Team Kissinger did not just batter the wall, with this leak:  they catapulted plague-infected corpses into the citadel and well.

Seth Rich is Everything

The implication of today’s leak is that Seth Rich was murdered by Clinton Inc. because he leaked incriminating information to Wikileaks.

“Russian Hacking” Myth Buried by Seth Rich News

The entire Russian Ruse is dead:  Seth Rich was murdered by an elite outraged at his betrayal of their trust, or, as some would say, his last patriotic sacrifice to a dying Republic.

Ram Has Smashed, Not Touched, The Wall

Nothing is off-limits, now.  It’s only a matter of time before the elites emerge in overt warfare, using provocations, civil disturbances, and hacking to damage their enemy and try to divide their supporters and mobilize the plebs against their opponent.

America is in Mortal Danger.

The time to panic is Now.

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