The elites are retaliating against each other in record speed.

Elites: Escalating to Overt Attacks Against Plebs!

Our warring elites now have resorted to the ancient practice of “raiding”:  burning-down the adversary’s possessions and slaughtering his peasants.

Timing is Everything:  Hit Back for Impeachment Move on Trump

The War Masters know that psychological warfare determines the outcome of a campaign.

Break your adversary’s will, and you break his power.

The study of this can prove arcane and is not suitable for broadcast.

Martial Law Approaches as Elites Escalate to More & More Outrageous Raids

The elites want to mobilize plebs to back them in their fight, and so they naturally will raid to provoke the opposing faction or galvanize their own.

The only institution that will pause this fight is the utterly corroded Military.

Martial Law:  A Pause, Not the End

The fighting and chaos will continue to escalate until, in a furry of confusion and anxiety, the tattered remains of America’s Republican Leadership declares, reluctantly, Martial Law.

Radio Marengo:  Over & Out

This is our last post on the Decline & Fall of the American Republic and her ill-fated 45th President.

However, while the Republic is dead,  regions and local governments will take power and begin governing America as a Confederacy, not a Republic.

It is ironic that all Abraham Lincoln did was delay the inevitable.  It is doubtful his statue will remain standing in the future.



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