There is a very good reason why MSM relentlessly insists that Russia “hacked” the election.

It has nothing to do with Russia, really, though.

Russia:  The Great Faraday Cage for the Counter-Elite

The “Russian hacking” claims will persist because Russia served as a conduit and locus for the operations and communications of the “counter-elite”, aka Team Trump.

Putin himself is no strategic mastermind:  he just leased-out his country to allow Team Trump to host its operations in a “safe” place, outside of the reach of Clinton Machine.

All Electronic Devices Are Hacked — By Default

As Snowden revealed, and already many knew, the US is a complete Police State.

It’s a comfy one, though.

However, the US proves eminently unsuitable for orchestrating a counter-coup of the sort we witnessed in 2016, in which Team Trump defeated Team Witch.

Wikileaks:  Russians Take The Heat, Because the Truth is Civil War in the US

The alternative to Russia taking heat for Wikileaks, such as asinine suggestions that GRU is behind Wikileaks(it is not), is for the American public to realize that the American elite is engaged in all-out civil war.

Ironically, America’s descent into civil war would prove far more costly to Putin, personally, than accusations that he masterminded the Trump victory.

Remember, Putin is the same guy who couldn’t conquer Donetsk airport without losing hundreds of Spetsnaz per day and has mortgaged Russia to regional warlords.  The odds of such a savage buffoon pulling the strings in the US is below 0.

Seth Rich:  The Last Straw

Two waring factions in the American elite continue to fight to the death.

Seth Rich was murdered because he leaked information to Wikileaks aka Team Trump.

When this becomes apparent to a significant amount of the American people, the country will achieve terminal civic dissolution.

Rich Man’s War… Dumb Pleb’s Fight

The recent series of outrageous race-baitings and provocations, from both the “Left” and the “Right”, are meant to rouse the plebs into mobilizing into mass-movements in order to provide “street-power” for their respective masters in the upcoming battle.

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