In the chaos that charaterizes the abortive Praetorian Trump-Tiberius Era, we must not make lazy assumptions.

Climate Deal Will Get Done… Just Not Yet

A Carbon Deal provides a  tool to not only reduce environmental impact of commerce, but much more importantly, permanently shift global trade and the future power of the various competing elites ruling the world.

Not About Countries:  About Elites Within Countries

The Paris Accord was written provide benefits and consolidate power for the pre-Trump elite.  Trump’s Team can not suffer handing over wealth and power to their own opposition:  it would entail vitiating the Brexit movement and support for Jiang Zemin, both strategic agendas of Team Trump.

Global Carbon Agreement & ARAMCO IPO:  Who Snatches the Prize?

The ARAMCO IPO is the piece de resistance for the final Carbon Deal master-stroke:  who wins the windfall of that prize from the most servile and depraved Saudi elite, eager to cash-out of their fiefdom and enjoy generations of comfort and influence within the cozy “global elite”.

“China and India”: Code for Globalists and Silicon Valley Oligarchic Interests

The anticipated Paris Accord was structured in such a manner that Globalist interests, which necessarily prove coherent with those of the NeoCons and the NASDAQ-DARPA alliance, would benefit most.

This meant that the Trump-Tiberius Faction within the American elite would be forever cut-off from capital flows.

Restructure the Climate Deal:  “A Better Deal for America”

Trump-Tiberius desperately wants a different deal:  one that supports his Faction and does not concede Total Control to the Globlalists and the NASDAQ-DARPA oligarchy and bureaucracy.

The plebs and Climate Skeptics may cheer, but this is a hollow victory for them.  Then again, considering that the plebs sit at the bottom of the hierarchy, suffering and service is their destiny.


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