The Grenfell Tower fire was the UK’s “Ryazan Moment”.

Ryazan Bombing & Causus Belli for Chechen War

Putin’s sloppy Russian agents were caught setting bombs within apartments in Ryazan, Russia, in order to provide casus belli for a renewed Chechen campaign after an ignominous defeat under Yeltsin.

The bombings were roundly blamed on Chechen terrorists, and the result was sufficient popular support for another calamitous campaign in the caucauses.

Grenfell Towers:  Retaliation (and Provocation)

The Grenfell Towers residents are all, as Brits would say, “black”: Muslim, migrant, and for the most part, poor or lower class.  These are characteristically not ISIS targets.

Up till now, mostly white and middle class Brits and tourists had been the victims of several brutal terrorist attacks.  These people are explicitly targeted by ISIS.

The Grenfell massacre was a sign that despite the supine and declined Western civilization, there were still True Normans willing to shed blood to preserve at least some shred of sovereignty against the anti-Brexit forces trying to sabotage Brexit.

We Were Wrong:  Brexit Bloodbath Began in UK

With ISIS proxies and now other apocryphal, dark forces working within the UK, there is an active civil war in Britain, herself, for control.

We were wrong:  we anticipated the war beginning in Ireland, but in fact, it has started in the UK.

Revenge for Grenfell

The media has been completely silent about Grenfell, knowing that promulgating the truth will cause mass-mayhem and civil war.

Watch the GBP

War in UK will crash the pound harder than imagined.

It is up to certain factions within the UK whether or not to reveal to truth about Grenfell: they have a dagger at the throat and can blackmail many bankers and bureaucrats.

We doubt they will blink:  it seems that mankind, especially in the West, hankers for a final rush of “dialectic”.

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