Theresa May recently declared the need to effectively shut-down free expression and freedom of use for the internet.

However, while it may seem she sells this plan to her own people, in fact, it is an offer to the Europeans, specifically Merkel and Macron.

UK:  Deliberately Breeding Weaponized Racial/Religious War to Terrorize EU

As Brexit rolls along, the UK fears capitulating to Brussels and Merkel, as constantly emerging novel threats tear at the Brexit coalition.

The UK Sovereign Elite is taking no chances.

The UK Sovereign Elite is under siege.

Load Infected Ideology onto the Catapults!

By letting the UK’s police/secret services allow or even enable inter-religious and inter-ethnic terrorism to flourish, May now has the EU, not the UK, under siege!

Capitulate to Brexit, or Else We Let the Plague Spread

May offered a way-out to Merkel:  capitulate to Brexit terms, and then May will cut-off the “radicalization conduit” and crack-down hard on terrorism, or else Britain will continue to cultivate this Social Plague until it is virulent enough for use within the EU.

Time is not on Merkel’s side.

Team Sovereign UK is playing to win.

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