The concept behind ARAMCO’s IPO was the following:

  • Shut-down all Western oil production under a global carbon treaty through taxes, regulation, and eventual outright bans.
  • In exchange for strategic concessions from Saudi Arabia (i.e. total servility to Obama/Hillary elites and EuroCronies), make Saudi Arabia the sole producer of oil in the world and regain her place as the monopoly producer.
  • Saudi would pour all surpluses, after her elite steal their cut, into Western Liberal (Obama/Hillary & EuroCrat elite) cronyism/scams.
  • Western Liberal elites would continue to allow unlimited Muslim migration in order to absorb ISIS recruits domestically and support Saudi deathsquads and oppression abroad(e.g. Yemen slaughter).
  • With Saudi militants thus neutralized, the West could finally blackmail Israel into a forced deal with the Palestinians, thus get Israel to return the West Bank back into Arab control.
  • Rejoice!

Team Trump/Brexit:  Against This Deal!

Despite Trump’s modest and half-hearted betrayal of his die-hard Zionist backers, he can not totally betray them, like he did his Redneck supporters.

One can not support both the ARAMCO IPO strategic direction and Israel’s eventual annexation of more West Bank land:  it’s just not possible.

Why Trump’s First Raid Was in Yemen:  Hit The Globalists Where It Hurts (Wallet)

Trump’s first raid was in Yemen, against a pro-Saudi deathsquad.

The media went ballistic, as it was undermining the globalist ARAMCO IPO vector.

The Globalists went nuts because they knew that Team Trump was attacking their future windfall and menacing their plundering operation with the Saudi “elite”.

Drill, Baby, Drill!

There are many easy ways to sabotage the ARAMCO IPO, but the best one, in addition to blowing-up Saudi’s elite through civil war (easy, if we want to), is to encourage and support domestic oil production.

Domestic oil production also stimulates many regional economies and flows funding into local GOP/hard-Right political parties…  parties which are useful to the Team Trump/Brexit vector.





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