The variance of perception between a boomer who is retired and one who is not retired proves shocking:  the retired boomer wants to maintain the status quo, regardless of consequences, for as long as possible.  The working boomer seeks revenge, salvation, or still holds hope that he will somehow bootstrap himself out of slavery in his twilight and redeem his ancestors.  The working boomer has essentially the same perspective as every other working stiff in the United Plantations of America.

That said, it can not be overlooked that far too many mediocre boomers are too wealthy:  there are too many old, mediocre retirees who saved money and got, basically, lucky in the indices and now are well-off:  go to any town, and see who has the nice cars, takes holidays, etc.: it’s retired boomers with equity assets.

These boomers are often blithe, but their naivete is engineered, for they are next to be sacrificed:  they simply are too rich and do not deserve it.

The younger generation in America barely survives, while boomers thrive and push asset managers to get returns by dumping them with their assets, who in turn push more corporate austerity that shrivels-up the wealth of the young.

This is a major, major policy problem, and in the shake-up that is to come, the boomer retiree will have his wealth harvested to Save the Market/Nation.  Furthermore, they are reviled, losing complete political relevance, and will become the nemesis and locus of blame.

They are patriots, right?  Time to chip-in.

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