Bureaucracies aren’t necessarily predictable, but the manner in which they do things often proves to be predictable.

Merkel: ISIS Plumber

Recall, we discussed how Merkel drained the “ISIS Swamp” by having Europe absorb the surplus and anxious men of any possible Muslim region.  In fact, the EU, so eager to have ARAMCO execute its IPO, paid NGO’s to run shuttles from various coasts to European ports.

Additionally, the “ISIS draining” had a salubrious effect on all the Arab countries teetering on the brink of civil war.  It shifted the jihadist burden from hopelessly chaotic and weak countries to the EU.

Merkel:  P.C. Protectionism

General Electric and many other US companies are using female hiring quotas in technical fields in order to plead or litigate around any H1-B constraints for cheap labour.

Likewise, Merkel is using P.C. to break the social media monopolies in Germany.  She intends to bring them under German control through ostensibly P.C. “hate speech” laws.

Facebook, naturally, can’t publicly object to “hate speech laws”, and so they will now feel the full force of German bureaucracy, taxation, and supervision.

Hate Speech:  Onus on Facebook 

With the new anti-hate speech laws, Facebook, not the German government, must police its content.  Any failure to comply results in penalties up to 50 million Euros.

Anvil – Meet Hammer

Facebook has invested in the infrastructure and management of its social network in Germany, and now the German government closes the trap:

Facebook is now owned at both ends by the German government:  the German government can arrest users which displease it (hurting Facebook’s brand equity), and the Germans can penalise the company with ruinous fines, basically on a whim.

Facebook works for Germany, not Facebook.

Welcome to Vielle Europe, Silicon Valley:  the rules here are ancient and wicked.


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