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Angela Merkel Hates Silicon Valley

Bureaucracies aren’t necessarily predictable, but the manner in which they do things often proves to be predictable.

Merkel: ISIS Plumber

Recall, we discussed how Merkel drained the “ISIS Swamp” by having Europe absorb the surplus and anxious men of any possible Muslim region.  In fact, the EU, so eager to have ARAMCO execute its IPO, paid NGO’s to run shuttles from various coasts to European ports.

Additionally, the “ISIS draining” had a salubrious effect on all the Arab countries teetering on the brink of civil war.  It shifted the jihadist burden from hopelessly chaotic and weak countries to the EU.

Merkel:  P.C. Protectionism

General Electric and many other US companies are using female hiring quotas in technical fields in order to plead or litigate around any H1-B constraints for cheap labour.

Likewise, Merkel is using P.C. to break the social media monopolies in Germany.  She intends to bring them under German control through ostensibly P.C. “hate speech” laws.

Facebook, naturally, can’t publicly object to “hate speech laws”, and so they will now feel the full force of German bureaucracy, taxation, and supervision.

Hate Speech:  Onus on Facebook 

With the new anti-hate speech laws, Facebook, not the German government, must police its content.  Any failure to comply results in penalties up to 50 million Euros.

Anvil – Meet Hammer

Facebook has invested in the infrastructure and management of its social network in Germany, and now the German government closes the trap:

Facebook is now owned at both ends by the German government:  the German government can arrest users which displease it (hurting Facebook’s brand equity), and the Germans can penalise the company with ruinous fines, basically on a whim.

Facebook works for Germany, not Facebook.

Welcome to Vielle Europe, Silicon Valley:  the rules here are ancient and wicked.


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Retired Boomers: Prepare to be Sacrificed!

The variance of perception between a boomer who is retired and one who is not retired proves shocking:  the retired boomer wants to maintain the status quo, regardless of consequences, for as long as possible.  The working boomer seeks revenge, salvation, or still holds hope that he will somehow bootstrap himself out of slavery in his twilight and redeem his ancestors.  The working boomer has essentially the same perspective as every other working stiff in the United Plantations of America.

That said, it can not be overlooked that far too many mediocre boomers are too wealthy:  there are too many old, mediocre retirees who saved money and got, basically, lucky in the indices and now are well-off:  go to any town, and see who has the nice cars, takes holidays, etc.: it’s retired boomers with equity assets.

These boomers are often blithe, but their naivete is engineered, for they are next to be sacrificed:  they simply are too rich and do not deserve it.

The younger generation in America barely survives, while boomers thrive and push asset managers to get returns by dumping them with their assets, who in turn push more corporate austerity that shrivels-up the wealth of the young.

This is a major, major policy problem, and in the shake-up that is to come, the boomer retiree will have his wealth harvested to Save the Market/Nation.  Furthermore, they are reviled, losing complete political relevance, and will become the nemesis and locus of blame.

They are patriots, right?  Time to chip-in.

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Their Tears Shall Salt the Earth

We could write more articles on the latest scandal, the outrage du jour, or the capricious speculative flows throughout the capital markets, but something much more elementary and fundamental should be addressed:  that very substrate upon which Capital subsists.

When Capitalism(Predators) Runs out of Suckers(Prey)

To win a capital gain necessarily requires a winner and a loser.

For those who say that is not the case, they fail to consider the possible winners who now no longer can win.

Why Capitalism Reigned Supreme for so Long…

Till very recently, Capitalism could be regarded as a Benevolent force, pushing more competent men into power, forcing merit to be rewarded, and reducing the influence of arbitrary and wanton rule by imposing a dispassionate, self-regulating “market” philosophy on the world.

This meant the world needed no God or gods, and that philosophers, men of culture, and artists of great and sublime works became not only irrelevant, but impediments to the “men of the future”.

Despite this loss, Capitalism and Materialism meant that inept aristocrats and corrupt theocrats, who often caused unimaginable harm to their own people, were effortlessly carried away not by a superior sublime metaphysics, but by the crushing dialectic that the Materialists brought with them and their monotonically-increasing production forecasts and wealth indices.

We no longer needed to argue about theology or deep ideas:  whoever failed to maximize the slope on the chart was wrong.  Arguing about ethics or fighting over religion made no sense and everyone was wrong, in the end:  all that mattered was maximizing the slope on the damn chart!

However, when the suckers run dry and the charts start to flatten-out, then Capitalism, and its uncle, Materialism, themselves become moot.

Where Do Suckers Come From, Or Capitalism’s Free Ride

Ever wonder how Amazon could fail as a company, overnight?

Simple:  if every American began robbing his neighbor’s doorstep, the Amazon business model would fail.

This means that Amazon, a global beheamoth, depends on the simple American resident’s sense of decency to not rob his neighbor doorstep.

When Bezos launches his spaceships, it is thanks to the simple American peasant who was raised to not steal.

Notably, this is not a common ethic in the third world.

Capitalism Gives Production but Displaces Soul

Our simple American who does not rob his neighbor’s Amazon packages depends on his Soul, not just simple fear, to direct his subconscious and his decisions.

That the third world has wanton violence and theft leaves little room for the argument that terror suffices to eliminate crime.

Civility is an expression of Spirit and husbanded by Leaders within the given community.

Spiritual Collapse and End of Simple Americans

America’s spiritual crisis will soon manifest as an economic one.

The drug epidemic reflects the reality of American society.

The wealthy do not care.

If the wealthy did care, they would have already stopped the decline.

Some of them actively foster the rot, while others think they simply are along for the ride.

Materialism, Capitalism, & The Generation Gap

Many of the older generation, especially the wealthier older generation, simply want to perpetuate, at any cost, the existing system.

They see any potential revolution, let alone reform, as an existential threat.

That they prove obscenely selfish towards their own children and grandchildren escapes their blinkered cosmology.

How the Elite Could Save America (& Why They Won’t)

The United States is in a death-spiral.

The men who could save this country would rather patronize resorts, summer homes, and country clubs than invest an hour of their time auditing or leading local government.

Despite temptations to the contrary, America is like every other society:  the rot always begins locally.  An active and responsible elite could still save this country.

However, our surveys indicate that this elite believe they are entitled to a comfortable retirement in luxury, and their children believe (justifiably) that Public Service is only for losers, suckers, or cronies.

How This Ends:  Too Little, Too Late

The elite of the US depend solely on the capital markets for its survival, whether directly or indirectly.

The coming political crisis, a variant of which we have never seen in our lifetimes (if born after 1865), will crush the capital markets and end the lifestyles and comfort of our elite.

Only after seeing the retirement cut short and chaos erupt will the heretofore elite emerge from their bunkers and luxury condos and demand answers for the collapse.

The problem, though, is that no one will care or listen to them:  it will be too late.

When the People Awaken, They May Relish Their Destructive Power

Americans are becoming restless and more anxious than ever, but they have yet to really feel their power.

Soon, Americans will understand that by simply behaving very badly, they sabotage the fortunes of their betters.

Already, people on the margins are losing their minds in the commons and damaging social stability.

When the average man considers his own outrageous behavior as the only way to blackmail a callous and indifferent ruling class, you have a serious problem.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous men with schemes could harvest this anger to propel themselves into a new albeit less glamorous and “meritocratic” elite.

In fact, this is essential politics, and that is why Leadership is more important than ever.

How History Will View our Elite

Many people, when they read about the Holocaust, ask themselves, “How were those Jews so naive that the Germans wouldn’t kill them?”

Likewise, “How did those rich & aristocratic Russians not realize their time was up?”

Yes, our elite’s easily averted fall will be regarded with the same curiousity.





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Trump: Officially Sabotaging ARAMCO IPO

The concept behind ARAMCO’s IPO was the following:

  • Shut-down all Western oil production under a global carbon treaty through taxes, regulation, and eventual outright bans.
  • In exchange for strategic concessions from Saudi Arabia (i.e. total servility to Obama/Hillary elites and EuroCronies), make Saudi Arabia the sole producer of oil in the world and regain her place as the monopoly producer.
  • Saudi would pour all surpluses, after her elite steal their cut, into Western Liberal (Obama/Hillary & EuroCrat elite) cronyism/scams.
  • Western Liberal elites would continue to allow unlimited Muslim migration in order to absorb ISIS recruits domestically and support Saudi deathsquads and oppression abroad(e.g. Yemen slaughter).
  • With Saudi militants thus neutralized, the West could finally blackmail Israel into a forced deal with the Palestinians, thus get Israel to return the West Bank back into Arab control.
  • Rejoice!

Team Trump/Brexit:  Against This Deal!

Despite Trump’s modest and half-hearted betrayal of his die-hard Zionist backers, he can not totally betray them, like he did his Redneck supporters.

One can not support both the ARAMCO IPO strategic direction and Israel’s eventual annexation of more West Bank land:  it’s just not possible.

Why Trump’s First Raid Was in Yemen:  Hit The Globalists Where It Hurts (Wallet)

Trump’s first raid was in Yemen, against a pro-Saudi deathsquad.

The media went ballistic, as it was undermining the globalist ARAMCO IPO vector.

The Globalists went nuts because they knew that Team Trump was attacking their future windfall and menacing their plundering operation with the Saudi “elite”.

Drill, Baby, Drill!

There are many easy ways to sabotage the ARAMCO IPO, but the best one, in addition to blowing-up Saudi’s elite through civil war (easy, if we want to), is to encourage and support domestic oil production.

Domestic oil production also stimulates many regional economies and flows funding into local GOP/hard-Right political parties…  parties which are useful to the Team Trump/Brexit vector.





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Theresa May: Godfather of Merkel

Theresa May recently declared the need to effectively shut-down free expression and freedom of use for the internet.

However, while it may seem she sells this plan to her own people, in fact, it is an offer to the Europeans, specifically Merkel and Macron.

UK:  Deliberately Breeding Weaponized Racial/Religious War to Terrorize EU

As Brexit rolls along, the UK fears capitulating to Brussels and Merkel, as constantly emerging novel threats tear at the Brexit coalition.

The UK Sovereign Elite is taking no chances.

The UK Sovereign Elite is under siege.

Load Infected Ideology onto the Catapults!

By letting the UK’s police/secret services allow or even enable inter-religious and inter-ethnic terrorism to flourish, May now has the EU, not the UK, under siege!

Capitulate to Brexit, or Else We Let the Plague Spread

May offered a way-out to Merkel:  capitulate to Brexit terms, and then May will cut-off the “radicalization conduit” and crack-down hard on terrorism, or else Britain will continue to cultivate this Social Plague until it is virulent enough for use within the EU.

Time is not on Merkel’s side.

Team Sovereign UK is playing to win.

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Britain’s “Ryazan Moment”: The Angry Saxon Awoke

The Grenfell Tower fire was the UK’s “Ryazan Moment”.

Ryazan Bombing & Causus Belli for Chechen War

Putin’s sloppy Russian agents were caught setting bombs within apartments in Ryazan, Russia, in order to provide casus belli for a renewed Chechen campaign after an ignominous defeat under Yeltsin.

The bombings were roundly blamed on Chechen terrorists, and the result was sufficient popular support for another calamitous campaign in the caucauses.

Grenfell Towers:  Retaliation (and Provocation)

The Grenfell Towers residents are all, as Brits would say, “black”: Muslim, migrant, and for the most part, poor or lower class.  These are characteristically not ISIS targets.

Up till now, mostly white and middle class Brits and tourists had been the victims of several brutal terrorist attacks.  These people are explicitly targeted by ISIS.

The Grenfell massacre was a sign that despite the supine and declined Western civilization, there were still True Normans willing to shed blood to preserve at least some shred of sovereignty against the anti-Brexit forces trying to sabotage Brexit.

We Were Wrong:  Brexit Bloodbath Began in UK

With ISIS proxies and now other apocryphal, dark forces working within the UK, there is an active civil war in Britain, herself, for control.

We were wrong:  we anticipated the war beginning in Ireland, but in fact, it has started in the UK.

Revenge for Grenfell

The media has been completely silent about Grenfell, knowing that promulgating the truth will cause mass-mayhem and civil war.

Watch the GBP

War in UK will crash the pound harder than imagined.

It is up to certain factions within the UK whether or not to reveal to truth about Grenfell: they have a dagger at the throat and can blackmail many bankers and bureaucrats.

We doubt they will blink:  it seems that mankind, especially in the West, hankers for a final rush of “dialectic”.

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Trump Will Sign A Carbon Deal… Just Not This One

In the chaos that charaterizes the abortive Praetorian Trump-Tiberius Era, we must not make lazy assumptions.

Climate Deal Will Get Done… Just Not Yet

A Carbon Deal provides a  tool to not only reduce environmental impact of commerce, but much more importantly, permanently shift global trade and the future power of the various competing elites ruling the world.

Not About Countries:  About Elites Within Countries

The Paris Accord was written provide benefits and consolidate power for the pre-Trump elite.  Trump’s Team can not suffer handing over wealth and power to their own opposition:  it would entail vitiating the Brexit movement and support for Jiang Zemin, both strategic agendas of Team Trump.

Global Carbon Agreement & ARAMCO IPO:  Who Snatches the Prize?

The ARAMCO IPO is the piece de resistance for the final Carbon Deal master-stroke:  who wins the windfall of that prize from the most servile and depraved Saudi elite, eager to cash-out of their fiefdom and enjoy generations of comfort and influence within the cozy “global elite”.

“China and India”: Code for Globalists and Silicon Valley Oligarchic Interests

The anticipated Paris Accord was structured in such a manner that Globalist interests, which necessarily prove coherent with those of the NeoCons and the NASDAQ-DARPA alliance, would benefit most.

This meant that the Trump-Tiberius Faction within the American elite would be forever cut-off from capital flows.

Restructure the Climate Deal:  “A Better Deal for America”

Trump-Tiberius desperately wants a different deal:  one that supports his Faction and does not concede Total Control to the Globlalists and the NASDAQ-DARPA oligarchy and bureaucracy.

The plebs and Climate Skeptics may cheer, but this is a hollow victory for them.  Then again, considering that the plebs sit at the bottom of the hierarchy, suffering and service is their destiny.